Happy Holidays!
2015-12-17 16:01:56

Happy Holidays to all travelers!

Watch Rome and Travel Bedder on Youtube!
2015-06-12 02:30:10
New lights of the Roman Forum!
2015-05-13 20:45:04

Apartment of the month.
2015-01-01 21:32:11

In January we would like to suggest you to take a look at the Orient Apartment next to the Vatican City.

The apartment is up to 3 guests, it's modern, elegant and has a great Asian design!

For more info contact:

Who will run?
2015-01-01 21:23:54

Annual Marathon in Rome! 22/03/2015

Are you gonna take part in it?

Happy Holidays!
2014-12-23 20:18:10

There will be a surprise...
2014-09-17 22:21:25

We are preparing a new offer of a brand new destination. Which city will it be? Maybe you have some ideas or wishes?
Write to us:

Apartment of the month
2014-08-03 17:31:51

The warm summer is almost over but our offers stay hot for the whole year! :) 

In August we recommend a simple but very neat, cheap and comfortable apartment up to 6 people - it's Colorful Rome.

For more details write directly to:

Apartment of the month
2014-07-05 12:23:56

Santana Apartment in Barcelona is our choice for July.

It's modern, based in the city center, up to 4 people.

Santana Apartment

Or write directly to:

Sosó Restaurant in Rome 10% OFF for all of you!
2014-05-06 11:24:01

We highly recommend Sosó Restaurant in Rome, on Adolfo Venturi street, no. 14.

All you have to do is to say "Travel Bedder" while paying for your dinner (the offer stands after 7 P.M. and it does not include lunch-buffet menu) and you will get 10% off for all the food and drinks that you have ordered.

Apartment of May
2014-05-02 12:08:46

This month we would like to recommend Amore Apartment in the city centre of Rome. It's perfect for 3.

For more info contact:

To see more photos go to:

Amore Apartment

Happy Valentie's Day !
2014-02-14 09:30:20

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you who are in love and of course the ones who love to travel !

Have a great day!

Apartment of the month!
2014-02-05 14:46:17

Silvia's Apartment next to the Vatican City is our apartment of February!

Youtube channel
2014-01-11 09:14:47

We've started to post videos of our apartments on youtube. The first one you can watch here:

Eros Apartment

A new apartment is almost ready!
2014-01-08 15:39:54

One of our favourite owners is preparing a new apartment and it seems that it will be extraordinary!

The apartment will be probably up to 3 people, it's located 400 meters from San Giovanni and 1 km away from the Colosseum, very close to a metro station. It is in an old building from IXth century and its old-style architecture features (arcs, high brick ceiling, columns) are not being changed which gives the apartment a unique style. It has 47 sqm. We are sure that the furniture will be kept in the same extraordinary style, just like other apartments of the same owner:


Flying Cupid

The grand opening is planned on the mid-February. One thing is sure- it will be a very romantic apartment, perfect for couples.

We will keep you posted!

Top 10 apartments of 2013 in Rome
2014-01-07 10:47:14

The year 2013 has ended and it is time to sum-up the choices tourists have made regarding apartments in Rome. We are presenting 10 most popular apartments in Rome in 2013.

1. Marina's Apartment. The Appia Antica Park.

It's number one already third year in a row! It's one of the cheapest apartments but still it has a very warm and nice atmosphere. The owners are extremely nice and they leave a bottle of champagne for the guests. It's next to the Colli Albani Metro Station, close to San Giovanni.

2. Eros Apartment (photo)

Beautiful and romantic apartment with a garden, for couples only. It's located in the San Giovanni district.

3. Nina's Room. Trastevere

Cheap and comfortable solution for couples. Nina is a great host- answers all your questions, helps you to find your ways in Rome and serves you a great breakfast in the morning!

4. Flying Cupid Apartment

Another romantic apartment for couples, parents with a baby and 3 adults. Its baldachin bed gives it an extraordinary unique style. By tram you can reach the city centre easily and fast. 

5. Vatican Inspiration Apartment

Colorful and cosy apartment next to the Vatican City. It's a great choice for couples and groups up to 4 people. It is located in a beautiful green scenery and it has 2 rooms, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. It's an economical choice when you compare it to other apartments in the zone.

6. Colorful Rome and Apartmen Caesar in the heart of Rome

Both of the apartments are on the same, 6th place. Colorful Rome is a very spacious and simple apartment, located next to the Colli Albani Metro Station, it's perfect for groups up to 7 people. Caesar on the other hand is located in the very center of Rome but unfortunately the owner is leaving Rome and we will not be renting this apartment for tourists anymore in 2014.

7. Gladiator Apartment

Very spacious and comfortable apartment with marble floors and old style furnitures. It has a long balcony that goes around the apartment. It's up to 6 people and has 120 square meters. 

8. Romulus Apartment at the Vatican City

This modern apartment is huge and cosy. It's dedicated for rather large groups, up to 10 people. Its location will help you reach all the most important Roman monuments quickly and easily. It's a perfect solution for demanding tourists. 

9. Guglielmo's Apartament. Vatican and Claudia's Rooms. Vatican

The Vatican City's surroundings are very popular among Polish tourists. Guglielmo's Apartment has 2 rooms and it's perfect for groups of 4 peple. Claudia's Rooms is a typical Bed and Breakfast. You will get a cosy room and a breakfast in the morning. Claudia is a very warm and cheerful person- she will answer all your questions and help you find your ways in Rome.

10. Exclusive Apartment Vatican's Towers and Margherita Apartment

Both of the apartments are right next to the Vatican City and they're both for up to 7 people. Also, both of them have an amazing view on the Vatican City.  Margherita Apartment is a relatively fresh offer and we are happy it has already found a way to your hearts. Exclusive Apartment Vatican's Towers is with us since the beginning and it's doing great. It's dedicated to those of you who need a high standard during your holidays. 

Thank you for a great year and hopefully see you back soon.
Apartment of the month!
2014-01-02 15:15:57

First of all, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year, full of happiness and success, filled with beautiful moments and unforgettable travels. We are starting January 2014 in a festive way. We would love to recommend you an apartment next to the Vatican City with a spectacular view on St. Peter's Dome - it's Margherita Apartment. It's suitable for 7 people.

For more information write to:

Merry Christmas!
2013-12-23 12:02:54

Apartment of the month!
2013-12-03 10:45:19

Silvia's Apartment next to the Vatican City is our apartment of December.

For details write to:

To view more photos click here: Silvia

Apartment of the month!
2013-11-01 15:43:09

The apartment of November is Bed and Breakfast Andrea.

To learn more and to book it write to:


Apartment of the month!
2013-10-01 12:18:44

In October we would like to recommend Uno Apartment. It's modern, quiet and very well situated. Click below to see more photos:

Uno Apartment

Or write directly to:

The canonization of John Paul II
2013-09-30 12:13:26

John Paul II will be canonized on April 27th, 2014. We would like to inform that the minimum stay in one of our apartments in this period is 4 days. It's is a very important date in the history of Poles and we are happy to welcome you in Rome.

Travel Bedder at Google for Entrepreneurs Video
2013-09-06 20:26:18
Travel Bedder at Google for Entrepreneurs
2013-07-29 15:04:14

Aleksandra, the owner of Travel Bedder, took a part in Google for Entrepreneurs, female edition. She spoke about pros and cons of owning your own business while being a female entrepreneur. The purpose of this program is to encourage women to create their own businesses as well as evolve in the job market.

To see more photos you can visit Travel Bedder's profile on Facebook:

Travel Bedder

Summer concerts in Barcelona
2013-07-15 14:46:11

26/07 Pitbull

28/07 Roger Sanchez

3/08 Exodus

13/08 Alabama Shakes

19/09 Eros Ramazzotti

Summer concerts in London
2013-07-15 14:44:37

16/07 Pearl Jam

16-27/07 David Bowie

19/07 Santana

20/07 Goldfrapp

21,24,25,27/07 Cirque du Soleil

21/07 Basement Jaxx

22/07 The Smashing Pumpkins

26/07 Wu Tang Clan

26/07 Mogwai

27/07 Kiss

3/08 Pitbull

3,4/08 Iron Maiden

24/08 Armin Van Buuren

Summer concerts in Rome
2013-07-15 14:41:41

20/07 Depeche Mode

22/07 Deep Purple

24/07 Zucchero

26/07 Neil Young

28/07 Sigur Ros

29/07 Blur

Summer offer! Luxury Apartment Romana
2013-07-02 14:59:30

Save up to 20% by booking Luxury Apartment Romana next to the Vatican City! This special summer offer includes July and August.

To see the apartment click on this link:


Apartment of the month! June
2013-06-10 21:46:27

Our apartment of June is Eros Apartment. It's cozy, stylish and cheap. It has a small garden with a table and chairs. It's perfect for couples! To learn more go to:

Eros Apartment 

or write directy to:

Apartment of the month!
2013-05-09 10:12:40

This month we chose apartment Leonardo to represent the sunny month of MAY.

For more info visit:

Apartment of the month!
2013-04-03 15:18:58



On our facebook fanpage we have started a section called "Apartment of the month". In april we proudly present our new apartment, renovated, spacious, for groups of 5-10 people. It's Romulus at the Vatican City. Feel free to watch the photos on facebook.

Spring in Rome!
2013-03-21 16:03:05






Electing a new Pope
2013-02-27 16:54:41

"On February 28, Pope Benedict XVI will resign the papacy and the Vatican will set about electing a new Pope by Papal Conclave. According to many newspaper reports it has been almost 600 years since the last time a Pope resigned – what they haven’t mentioned is that it’s been even longer since a Pope has voluntarilyresigned.

In 1415 Pope Gregory XII resigned as Pope in an attempt to end a long running split in the Catholic Church. (...) It has actually been over 700 years since a new Pope has been elected by the Papal Conclave in these conditions. In 1294 Celestine V was the last Pope to voluntarily resign his seat in the way that Benedict XVI did on February 11, 2013.

It’s hardly surprising then, that the timeline surrounding the procedure for electing a new Pope this coming March is little vague. Usually the Vatican observes a 20-day mourning period before the election of a new Pope. This period was traditionally used to collect the Cardinals and to thoroughly de-bug the Sistine Chapel for any listening devices. But this Pope didn’t die, so what next?

On February 28 2013 at 8pm Benedict XVI resigns as Pope. The next step will be to hold a Papal Conclave to elect a new Pope. Historically this was a time during which the Cardinals were locked into the Sistine Chapel and adjoining buildings until they could agree on a new Pope. Back in the day, their food became more and more basic as days went by, until eventually they were surviving on just bread and water – cruel perhaps, but maybe a little more understandable when you learn that it took 33 months for the election of Pope Gregory X before these rules.

This all changed in 1996 under Pope John Paul II though, and more comfortable arrangements prevailed at the election of Pope Benedict XVI when the Cardinals were given comfortable accommodation within the Vatican. When they meet in March 2013 then, the College of Cardinals will be staying in a complex of 131 furnished rooms. They will be shuttled to and from the Sistine Chapel by bus, although they will not be allowed to speak to anyone else during this time.

No Cardinal is allowed to vote for himself, and in order to be elected, the new Pope must have a two-third majority plus one extra vote. The new Pope must be under 80 years of age and not every Cardinal must vote. When Pope Benedict XVII was elected, this process took two days and four votes.

When the new Pope is elected, white smoke rises from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel. Since the smoke isn’t always discernably white (a fact which once led to a very confused Vatican Radio station announcing the election of the new Pope a day early) the bells of St. Peter’s Basilica will also ring out.

As the Papal Conclave will take place in the Sistine Chapel in March, we are expecting closures there, although the Vatican has yet to announce the dates or the extent of closures.

The hope will be to have a new Pope in place before Easter 2013. The most important event on the Catholic calendar, Holy Week begins on Sunday March 24th, with Easter Sunday falling on March 31st. It goes without saying that the Pope is central to all the major celebrations."


2013-02-20 18:13:30

We are happy to announce that we prepared a special offer for this year with one of our partners. Reduced prices apply to these apartments:


Contact us to get more info:

Final audience of the Pope
2013-02-15 15:36:10

The last audience of the Pope Benedict XVI will take place on 27th of Februrary. Lucky ones will attend it and see the Pope for the last time in this role. It's a historical event, if you are in Rome - don't miss it! It's expected 300.000 participants.

London calling!
2013-01-17 15:19:52

We are happy to announce that this year Travel Bedder will launch a brand new division dedicated to London. It is our next step towards expanding our database of apartments to the whole Europe. As always, we will focus on rooms and apartments, not on expensive hotels. Please follow us on facebook to learn more and faster

100 Presepi Exhibition
2012-12-05 14:09:25

Until the 6th of January 2013 you have a chance to visit Church of Santa Maria Del Popolo and admire the exhibition „100 Presepi", showing and celebrating the first days of Jesus Christ's life. The exhibition will be open from 9.30 a.m. to 8 p.m., every day.


The tickets' prices are: full 7,5 euro, for elderly people (over 65) 6,5 euro, children from 4 to 10 years old 5,5 euro, until 24th of December for people with a monthly metrebus card 6 euro and 4,5 euro for children (aside from saturdays and sundays).


For more information please visit

Engagement in Rome...
2012-11-23 15:33:47

Lately we found out that one of the couples that visited Marina's Apartment... got engaged there! We are very happy and excited about them, turns out Rome is extremely romantic and it's a great place to fall in love! We are delighted that this sweet polish-slovak couple decided to come back to Rome, to the same apartment of Marina. We wish you all the best!

New apartments!
2012-10-15 10:28:27

We added over 10 new apartments on our website! There is a lot to choose from.

Ice-cream in Rome!
2012-09-26 16:23:33

Since ice-cream in Rome is one of the best in the world, we have decided to give you a little hint on how to choose your favourite flavor. 

Nocciola = hazelnut, Noce = walnut, Castagna = chestnut, Mandorla = almond, Cannella = cinnamon, Crema = cream, Fragoline di bosco = wild berries, Macedonia = fruit salad, The Verde = green tea, Cioccolato Fondente = dark chocolate, Cioccolato Bianco = white chocolate, Cioccolato al Latte = milk chocolate. Other buzz words: Cono = cone and coppa = Cup

Whipped cream (panna) is for free in Rome and at the end of your order you will always get asked if you want some. Remember to say SI or NO. 


Events in Rome in September
2012-08-31 14:39:34

In Rome it feels like summer isn’t over!

In SEPTEMBER you can enjoy:

Radiohead concert on 22nd,

Norah Jones concert on 17th,

European Jazz Contest on 7th,

From 12th to 21st: the biggest Tango Festival in Europe, the Buenos Aires Tango,

From 9th to 19th: Ludi Romani, in the Appia Antica Park, will feature re-enactments of historical ceremonies, real life activities and military training,

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Villa d’Este in Tivoli, will be open on Friday and Saturday nights through September 15 from 8:30pm to midnight;

The Colosseum on Thursday and Saturday nights will be open during the whole month with guided tours in English and Italian,

Castle S. Angelo is open every night (closed on Mondays) until 1am through September 9th,

From the 7th you can have a lunar view of the Vatican Museums on Fridays from 7pm to 11pm,

On September 1st and 2nd you can stroll along the Tiber banks for the Lungo il Tevere event,

From 1st do 2nd: the Jewish Culture European Days,

The European Heritage Days on 29th and 30th of September with free museums and monuments all over Rome,

Two very noteworthy exhibitions. The first one is Vermeer and the Dutch Golden age of Painting, at Scuderie del Quirinale from the 27th and the other is a photography event with Robert Doisneau’s pictures of Paris in the Palazzo delle Esposizioni from the 29th,

The Taste of Roma event with 12 of the best chefs working in Rome presenting their dishes to the public from 20th to 23rd,

Rome’s Zoo will hold two night visits (starts between 8pm and 9:15 pm) with torches which do not bother animals on September 15th and 22nd.

27th of September - European and World Tourism Day
2012-08-25 11:56:19

European Tourism Day allows you to enter most of sites and museums all over Rome for free, including the expensive Vatican museums. Make your reservations now! 

World Tourism Day will commemorate this year its 30th anniversary in the vibrant country of Ghana under the theme 'Tourism - Celebrating Diversity'. This year’s theme focuses on the world’s cultural wealth and the important role sustainable tourism plays in revitalizing local traditions and making them flourish as they cross other cultures. 

For more information go to World Tourism Organization's website:

Guided tours at Castel Sant'Angelo
2012-08-20 11:25:47

Until 9 September, on the hot summer evenings, Castel Sant'Angelo opens its doors to Romans and tourists so that they can visit this impressive monument. Every week's programme will include daily guided tours, allowing people to admire the decorations of the lavish Renaissance papal apartments, take a break in the elegant courtyards, explore the prisons, walk from one bastion to another along the Tiber, that is along the Marcia Ronda and up to the Terrazza dell'Angelo. There will also be free guided tours in Italian, English, French and Spanish to places usually closed to the public, such as the Passetto di Borgo, a long and impressive 800 m walkway that connects the Castle to the Vatican; the historic prisons, dark and gloomy prison cells used during the Renaissance up until the 1800s where notable people such as Pope Alexander III Farnese, the humanist Pomponio Leto, Benvenuto Cellini, Giordano Bruno, Beatrice Cenci, and the Count of Cagliostro all spent time; Clement VII's stove, an architectural and decorative gem of the first half of the 1500s: the room was the popes' bathroom and is one of the few Renaissance examples left. And to finish off the evenings, every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in the Cortile della Balestra, there will be classical, pop and jazz music concerts. 
Opening hours: every day, 8.30 p.m. – 1 a.m.
Admission: €10. 
For information and to book guided tours and concerts: 0688522480,

Well done Italy!
2012-06-29 09:15:49

We would like to congratulate Italy getting into the final with Spain in EURO 2012 Poland-Ukraine!

The big game is on Sunday, 31st of June.

Summer concerts in Rome
2012-06-22 21:55:47

26.06.2012 Cypress Hill

27.06.2012 Portishead

30.06.2012 Radiohead

02.07.2012 Deadmau5

03.07.2012 Snoop Dogg

05.07.2012 Negrita

07.07.2012 Boys Noize

08.07.2012 Justice

09.07.2012 The Cure

10.07.2012 Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of The Doors

11.07.2012 J-AX

12.07.2012 Garbage

13.07.2012 Armin Van Buuren

16.07.2012 Nina Zilli

17.07.2012 Lenny Kravitz

18.07.2012 Kasabian

20.07.2012 Caparezza

22.07.2012 Goran Bregovic

23.07.2012 Ben Harper + Nneka

25.07.2012 Subsonica

26.07.2012 The Beach Boys

27.07.2012 Simple Minds

28.07.2012 Litfiba

30.07.2012 Sonata Arctica

02.08.2012 Placebo

New prices for metro and buses in Rome
2012-06-07 11:52:32

From May 25th 2012 there are new tariffs for the Roman urban transport.

Single ticket: 1,50 euro - valid for 100 minutes;

Daily ticket: 6 euro - valid until 24:00, unlimited number of travels;

3-days ticket: 16,5 euro - valid until 24:00 of the third day from its first use, unlimited number of travels;

7-days ticket: 24 euro - valid until 24:00 of the seventh day from its first use, unlimited number of travels;

Monthly ticket on your name: 35 euro, valid until the end of the month (avoid buying this ticket towards the end of a month), you have to put your name on it;

Monthly ticket: 53 euro, valid until the end of the month (avoid buying this ticket towards the end of a month), you don't have to put your name on it;

Children up to 10 years old are using urban transport for free under the care of a guardian.


Open House Roma 2012
2012-04-30 14:11:10

Open House Roma is organised by the nonprofit cultural association Open City Roma, through a partnership with Open House Worldwide signed in 2010.

There will be many events and sites open to the public on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of May 2012.

The event is produced by a small team assisted by a large number of architects, volunteers and guides that assist the public during the event days.

These events are for people with a passion for architecture and for the city of Rome.

To learn more visit:

Discount for a couple at Marina's apartment!
2012-04-19 16:09:28

We would like to invite you to stay at Marina's apartment next to Appia Antica Park in the city center of Rome. We have prepared a special discount for couples. Until the end of the year two people will pay 55 euro per day for the whole 2-bedroom apartment (for at least 4 days of their stay) or 60 euro if it's 3 or 2 days stay. 

Culture Week in Rome 14-22 of April
2012-04-12 13:48:55

From 14 to 22 April 2012 Rome celebrates Culture Week. As in the past, the Ministry of Culture is again dedicating a week to promote and enhance the country's cultural heritage, organising events and allowing free admission to all state-owned sites, including monuments, museums, archaeological areas, archives and libraries throughout the country. Culture Week has become a great collective festival with a rich programme of exhibitions, talks, after-hours openings, workshops, guided tours and concerts, all designed to ensure that visitors have a wonderful experience.The event aims above all to spread the love of art and to encourage new cultural experiences through the discovery of Italy's magnificent heritage.`Culture belongs to everyone – you can take part too' is the theme this year as well, emphasising the universal nature of Italian unique, inimitable heritage.


Happy Easter!
2012-04-03 13:13:32