How it works

When you are planning on a trip to Rome, London or Barcelona click on the link “FORM” on the main site. You will open an application form where you will be asked to specify: name and surname, e-mail address, phone number (this field is not mandatory), I am looking for a room/an apartment (to be picked), arrival date, departure date, number of adults, number of children up to 10 years old, max price per person per day, any preferred locations, and additional options (e.g. TV, Internet, A/C, breakfast, kitchen, fridge, stove, private bathroom, washing machine, hairdryer, dishwasher, iron, garage, parking, balcony, elevator, others). When you submit the form, within 48 hours you will receive an e-mail listing all of the accommodation offers which best match your request. If you are interested in any of our suggestions, please contact us in order to arrange the details of your stay directly with the owner of a chosen accommodation.

The afore-mentioned e-mail does not oblige you in any way to choose any of our offers. Our website is completely free of charge.



Please carefully read the terms and conditions before making a reservation



The following definitions apply in this contract:

Travel Bedder – Travel Bedder Aleksandra Rakowicz located in Wrocław is the owner of the following websites (“the website”):, and,

User – a physical person who has completed his/her 18th year and has full legal capacity, legal person or an organizational unit (OU) without legal entity but being able on his/her own behalf to acquire rights and incur obligations which meet the conditions provided by the following regulations and has used the “how it works” function according to the provisions of the following Regulations,

Tenderer – each entity providing the address, graphical data and a description of the property for rent, which then are placed on, and websites,

Offer - address data, graphical data and a description of the property for rent available to users after they meet the conditions set out in the following Regulations. The expression “offer” used in the Regulations does not refer to the offer- defined in the Act – Polish Civil Code.

Application Form - information containing all user requirements referring to the planned trip, filled subject to the following  Regulations.


To use the services  of Travel Bedder the application form must be completed. The form is  located on the main page under the following  link "Form".

A user must fill out an application form by completing required personal data such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number (not required) and choosing the appropriate section "looking for a room " or "looking for a house", arrival date, departure date, number of adults, number of children under 10, the maximum price per person per day of stay, preferred district of the city and additional options - TV, Internet, air conditioning, kitchen, private bathroom, parking, garage, balcony, elevator, laundry facilities, iron, hair dryer, dishwasher, breakfast etc.).

Completed application form must be sent via e-mail.

The user will receive offers equivalent to the preferences indicated in the Application Form at given e-mail within 48 hours after sending the application form. These offers are not legally binding.

After accepting a particular offer a user will receive contact details of the tenderer in order to specify further details.

The user accepts the offer by confirming a reservation of a tenderer’s apartment/room.

Services provided by Travel Bedder are free of charge.


Travel Bedder is not responsible for inadequate completing or not completing contracts concluded as a result of the Travel Bedder services.                                 

Travel Bedder in particular, is not responsible for the quality, safety, authenticity and reliability of the information provided by tenderers.

Travel Bedder is not responsible for the failure to complete Agreement by User.